Do You Know Custom Die Casting

Yindi offers full service Custom Die Casting in both aluminum and zinc. Established since 1996, we are large enough to fulfill your requirements. We believe that die casting is the shortest distance between the ingot and finished part. And our belief is borne by the fact that customers frequently use our high quality casting parts. To start the process, we need certain information to ensure that our services can fit your requirements. As a die casting manufacturer, we have 300 highly trained employees.

As you may know, aluminium die casting is a kind of tool for casting metal parts and a special die forging machine to complete die casting process. Die casting material, die casting machine, die casting mould is the three major elements of aluminium die casting production, which are indispensable with each other. The so-called die casting process is the comprehensive application of these three elements, so that the qualified die casting can be produced stably and efficiently with the internal quality being good, the size meeting the requirements of the pattern or agreement and the appearance being smooth. All these have very high requirements for the aluminium die casting manufacturers.

YINDI MATRIX DIE-CASTING CO., LTD, as one of the aluminium die casting companies in China, would like to share some insights with you. It will be a great honor for us to be your aluminium die casting adviser, as far as YINDI is concerned, there are several factors accounting for the reason why we can be a good adviser for you and why we are a reliable die casting manufacturer for you to choose among so many aluminium die casting manufacturers.

First of all, YINDI is an aluminum die casting factory company which is founded in 1996. With more than twenty years’ experience as being a die casting manufacturer, we have a wide range to apply the die casting products, such as aerospace, weapons industry, instruments, medical equipment, fitness equipment, power station, motor shell, fire fighting, electrical accessories, power tools, pneumatic tools, reducer shell, cooking utensils (non-stick product series), communication product shell, audio shell, door and window curtain wall accessories, toys, furniture accessories, luggage pendants, process accessories, engineering structure parts, diesel engine accessories, bicycle accessories, ship accessories, urban vehicle accessories, flat ironing machine shell and other hardware accessories. Second of all, with the construction area of more than 10000 square meters, we can specialize in die casting design and manufacturing, zinc and aluminum alloy parts die casting molding and subsequent processing. Meanwhile, we can provide one-stop service according to the customer requirements for polishing, electroplating (powder spraying) and so on. The last but not the least, we take the Japanese famous die casting enterprise and the expert as the technical support, and systematically introduce the Japanese advanced management and the process technology, and continuously train the management and the technical personnel. We have a set of first-class advanced processing equipment which is using the international leading CAD/CAM/CAE design and processing mode. What’s more, we coupled with more than 30 skilled die casting masters who can design and manufacture more than 60 sets of zinc and aluminum alloy die-casting molds of all sizes. So our production technical ability is strong, die casting and post-processing equipment is perfect, at the same time, we have advanced management system, good after-sales service, stable and skilled production team, all these lead to the fact that we can be your ideal supporting supplier with product quality assurance and fast shipment and professional adviser with know-how experience.

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